GYO Account Verification

Account authentication so you can trust the people contacting you are serious.

GYO Account Verification Levels

For Esports Organizations, Universities, and Coaches

For those who claim to represent esports organizations, we have two levels of authentication that we apply to accounts we believe to be truly representative of who they claim to be. If you receive a message from a user who has neither level of authentication, please be cautious as we cannot guarantee that they are able to represent a legitimate organization.

GYO Gray Authentication

Gray Verification

Gray mountains next to a username indicates that this person claims to be an esports organizer, and they have a validated email address associted with a company. This is a very low level of authentication, as we have NOT yet been able to contact this individual to confirm they are able to speak on behalf of the organization they claim to represent.

GYO Blue Full Verification

Blue Verification

Blue mountains next to a username indicates that GYO team members have directly engaged with this individual and verified that they are representing the organization they claim to. For these individuals, you may communicate with them in confidence that they have spoken to the GYO team and are genuine in their representations.

For Players and Gamers

In the anonymous world of gaming, players often have multiple accounts and online identities and it can be difficult to know who is truly who. If you choose to stay anonymous on GYO, that's great! You can enjoy all of our site features as an anonymous member. For those looking to take the next steps in their esports journey, however, we need to authenticate that they are indeed the player representing the account they claim to hold.

* Note: Blue Verification only available for game titles where we have an ability to verify their account ownership status.

GYO Gray Authentication

Gray Verification

A Gray dragon indicates that the player has authenticated at least one additional external account (Steam, Twitch, Facebook, etc) so we have additional verification that they are the player they claim to be. We have been unable to verify they do own the specific account for the game being analyzed, however.

GYO Blue Full Verification

Blue Verification

A Blue dragon indicates that the player has authenticated an external account, their game account, and/or they have participated in events where we could authenticate their participation. Some Blue verified players may drop to gray level for unsupported titles, when Blue verification is not available.

Receiving Verification

If you believe your account should be verified and is not, please contact us.

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